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Supporting software/systems implementation

What companies really want

With a few exceptions, the software/system will work. Yet many companies do not get the return on investment they expected—higher productivity, lower cost, more sales, less waste, or simply: faster, cheaper, better.

Why they don’t get what they want

Companies don’t get the payoff from their major investment because users have minimal skills at go-live. Months, even years, later users have either not achieved the expertise to use the system fully, or have settled into using the new system to do the same old things.

What Luminance delivers

Our proven methodology for training and support ensures that users can perform at a high-level at go-live and equally important, are confident that they can. After go-live, they continue on to become experts who use the system and deliver the return on investment.

How we do it

  • The key principle: We recognize differences
    Jobs are different, people are different, and their needs are different. We stay away from one-size-fits-all training.
  • The approach: We focus on individuals
    We make mastery learning the goal. Users don’t just get the idea, they really get it.
    We focus on on-the-job performance. Users become fluent with the system and execute the more complex, infrequent, and critical business transactions reliably by consulting quick-references for just-in-time information.
  • The tools: We build a learning system
    Learners navigate a learning map. Learning Guides and On-Line Tutorials guide their hands-on practice on the “live” system, typically a low-cost beta copy of production. For new transactions that will be infrequent, complex, or critical, learners rely on Quick-References with the essential business and system details. A user-coach provides as-needed when-needed instruction and feedback, and the final sign-off on proficiency achieved.
  • The user experience: We build confidence
    With system + business processes divided into building blocks, learners follow their individual job paths through the learning map. They are motivated by frequent successes with the bite-sized units. Learners go as fast as they want, and when it counts, as slow as they need to. Instead of being controlled by an instructor’s schedule and the group average, each learner sets the agenda for becoming proficient and confident. Learners practice until they are satisfied. They consult with the coach when they need to. They discuss scenarios with colleagues when it makes sense to them. They each decide when they truly “get it”.
  • The project: We do more, for less
    At the outset, we synchronize the training development timetable with the system specification, build, test, and implementation phases. The aim is to identify 2 for 1 opportunities and to reduce the risk of re-work. Examples:
    • Work on functional specifications can provide business context for Learning Guides.
    • Test scripts can feed into practice exercises.
    • System testing can serve as preparation for user-coaches.
    • Test results can shape Quick-References.
    • Implementation planning can dovetail with training planning.

    These synergies are realized when training development is integrated with system development.

Project options

We sometimes get called in when system development is well underway and, occasionally, when implementation is imminent. While time may be too short to implement a full learning system, there is the advantage of greater stability in the software/system and greater certainty on functionality and the user interface.

Elements of our methodology can be developed and applied on short notice and with quick turnaround. In a phased implementation, instructional modules and performance aids can continue to be developed post go-live, and already-converted areas brought up to speed as implementation moves forward.


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