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Will it be e-learning…

Classroom training is usually the most expensive option in time, money, and productivity. It is also the most suitable for some purposes and situations.

However, for many purposes and situations, transforming classroom training or responding to new needs with an on-line course or conference—commonly referred to as e-learning—is the right move. Luminance will build e-learning for you on time and on budget.

… or E-Learning?

Big “E”-Learning is Enterprise Learning. It’s about seeing an area of an organization as a community of practitioners who need more than training to be effective. Here’s why.

Training in any form attempts to store skills and knowledge in the learner’s head. While increasing the skills and knowledge of practitioners is a good

thing, it does not necessarily lead to the reliable performance and desired results the organization needs and values.

Why? Because the rate of change, scope of work, diversity of situations, and expansion of information make it impossible for individuals to continually store all the skills and knowledge they need in their heads.

Practitioners are more effective with a Knowledge Management system that organizes the collective experience and successes of practitioners and makes that knowledge accessible to each user—on demand. Luminance will build a Knowledge Management system for you on time and on budget.

Practitioners are more effective with a Performance Support system that embeds standards and best practices in process tools and guides each user to desired outcomes—as needed. Luminance will build a Performance Support system for you on time and on budget.

Practitioners are more effective with a Forum that enables the community to share what they are learning every day from external sources, internal discoveries, personal successes, and occasional failures. The shared intelligence feeds into the Knowledge Management system and flows through to Training and Performance Support. Luminance will build an on-line Forum for you on time and on budget.


An employee will be managing an important project and has to prepare a cost estimate. The employee…

  • completes the on-line course on cost-estimation principles and practices.
  • consults knowledge management on-line for current factors, formulae, and examples.
  • completes the cost estimate using the on-line tool which guides the process.
  • posts the cost estimate on the Forum (where confidentiality permits) to obtain feedback for fine-tuning the estimate.

The employee has produced:

  • a cost estimate that meets the requirements of the organization and is ready for review and approval.
  • a cost estimate that is completed in half the time with double the reliability.

The principles, standards, best practices, and intelligence of the community of practitioners were brought to bear on the process.
True E-Learning.


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