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Better ways of working in the evolving workplace

In recent years there has been a dramatic shift in the way things are accomplished in the workplace. The shift has taken us from:

  • Individual responsibility to group responsibility
  • Independent, discrete tasks to integrated projects
  • Hierarchical control to horizontal, interdependent leadership

From the individual to groups

  • Effective groups consistently outperform talented individuals
  • Teams need help to be effective. We assist. We coach. We guide.
  • Our workshops are top-rated because we customize to meet the specific needs of the group

From independent tasks to integrated projects

The “value” that businesses provide to their customers is increasingly created through cross-functional projects. We support our client’s efforts to successfully manage these projects by providing:

  • Project Management training and coaching
  • Project Management tools and processes
  • Implementation of Project Management Offices and Centres of Excellence
  • Support in creating a Project Management Accreditation Program

Horizontal leadership, not vertical control

The modern workplace demands collaboration across organizational pillars. How do you lead in this context?

  • We work with our customers to help determine what leadership and management look like where they work. We help them practice both effectively
  • Our leadership workshops are practical, not whimsical. They provide transferable skills, positive experiences and concrete results
  • Effective leadership is not a “soft skill.” It is a discipline that can be learned—and practiced
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