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Jim Knowlton

Jim Knowlton has 25 years’ experience in improving human performance in a variety of private and public sector organizations. He specializes in group facilitation and delivers programs to national and international organizations that get top marks for being engaging and energizing for participants.

Jim’s eclectic history spans several vocations: teacher, railway worker, mainframe installation project leader, process-improvement consultant (at an oil refinery in northern Alberta!). Common throughout is his intense interest in what people do, and his willingness to go where the action is. These days he has settled down, but still composes music and is heavily involved with youth as a camp counselor, basketball coach, and parent-volunteer at local schools.

A true people-person, the size of Jim’s rolodex is exceeded only by the size of his heart. He can always be found engaging others, finding out what makes them tick, and offering to help them in any way he can. Jim lives in Oakville but he travels extensively, whether it’s to facilitate teams in conflict or just to keep in touch with someone.

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