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Jeremy Robins

Jeremy’s interest in helping others improve their work performance began while toiling in a bookshop in London, England, where he taught and coached staff in the use of various baffling book search and inventory applications. When Jeremy moved to New Zealand and began working for a large Government department, he used this ability to simplify seemingly complex subjects to train “newbies” in the fundamentals of a governmental Act. Since returning to Canada, Jeremy has continued along this path, helping organizations through whatever means required, whether it be the development of computer application user guides, writing sales support courses and newsletters or improving work processes.

Jeremy has a genuine appreciation and liking for others that makes his chosen profession of improving peoples’ working lives a more than fulfilling occupation. His study of History and extensive travel has brought him in touch with a wide array of cultures and philosophies that help him relate to an equally wide array of people. His friendliness and openness make him a sympathetic and perceptive companion, who is loyal and trustworthy.

Jeremy lives in Toronto and, when not working, enjoys watching and playing soccer, reading anything he can get his hands on and, of course, traveling.

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