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Elizabeth Miller

If you have an objective to achieve and a deadline to meet, Elizabeth Miller will help you accomplish them. Elizabeth enjoys working with and learning from people. One of her first jobs was working as a Technical Editor alongside machine operators in a paper mill in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since those days in 1987 she has not stopped working where ever she needed to go to help other people achieve their objectives.

During eighteen years of experience helping clients improve workplace performance Elizabeth has worked as a Technical Writer, Technical Editor, an Instructional Designer, a Facilitator, an Instructor and a Project Manager.

She has partnered with people on the shop floor and in management as an Instructional Designer/Developer and a Project Manager on-site and off-site to design and implement performance improvement strategies. Her relationships with people are based on trust and a desire to make sure that whomever she is working alongside achieves his or her objectives. Elizabeth has worked in Canada and internationally. She is a team player at work and at play and when she is not partnering with corporate clients she is a member of a number of teams including a crew that races a sailboat, a group that leads historical walks around the city of Toronto and a team that enhances the profile of a local charity.

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