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The four principals—Jeremy Robins, Alan Calvo, Jim Knowlton, and Charles Young—have worked with each other for over 10 years on hundreds of projects with dozens of clients in almost every major industry and level of government. They came together under the Luminance banner to continue turning bright ideas into bottom-line results.

Our business is based very much on trust, our fondness for each other, and our respect for each other’s strengths. We endeavor to offer unique services that are differentiated in the marketplace and employ a personal touch. We don’t want to be just like other consulting firms.

Since our beginning, we have been developing our services, delighting our clients, and getting asked to return. While we intend to grow, it will always be in a way that does not sacrifice either the quality of our work or the strength of our relationships.

Supporting our efforts is a stellar supporting cast—talented designers, developers, and project managers who are proud to be Luminaries. We are proud to have such great people working closely with us, and we invite you to read their profiles. As great as the parts are, the sum is even greater.

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